What readers are saying about BLACK AUTUMN

William R. Forstchen

bestselling author of "One Second After" and "48 Hours"

"From overall plot to technical details this book is on the mark. 'Black Autumn' is a page turner with well developed characters, plot, and plausible story line. I give it the highest of recommendations."

A. American

Chris Weatherman, author of the "Going Home" series of survival novels

"I couldn't put it down and was drawn into the characters and the ugly world. Do yourself a favor and read Black Autumn, then give it to your friends and family. Everyone should read this book."

Sergeant Major (retired) Kyle Lamb

Founder, Viking Tactics Inc. and Author of Leadership in the Shadows

"Very rarely do I get to read an Apocalyptic Thriller that is believable, Black Autumn does it. This could happen. I kept asking myself as I read the book, Are you prepared? ... I caution you: this book will make you do some soul searching."

About the author

Jeff Kirkham, U.S. Special Forces, ret.

Jeff Kirkham spent almost 29 years as a Green Beret (18ZVW7/W8), with 9 years "boots on the ground" in Afghanistan and Iraq as a member of a counter terrorist direct action unit. Somehow, he has managed to study 6 foreign languages, earn a Bachelor's of Science, write 3 books (a 4th book is in editing), earn multiple registered patents (one of which is the RATS Tourniquet), and manage his passion project; ReadyMan.